The right to leave

Many platforms let you build an audience, publish your work, or make money. But few let you leave. Although these platforms provide value, they're not a stable platform to build a livelihood, because without the right to leave, you don't own what you've created. When someone else holds your business model hostage, no negotiation is fair.

To address this, we've add exit rights to Streambus, our "create your own Netflix" tool. In other words, you can leave at any time without losing your audience or your revenue. It's an anti-platform that we hope can serve as a model for others.

Audience Ownership

When you build an audience on Streambus, you own that audience. You can contact them directly, and if you want to leave Streambus, you can walk away with that audience. When someone follows you on Streambus, they're signing up to either get emails from you, or to put an RSS feed into their podcasting app. So if you want to bounce, you can just export your email list, point your domain name somewhere else and you're good.

Audience ownership is so fundamental to Streambus that we made leaving a keyboard shortcut:

a screenshot showing a user exporting their audience via csv

Financial Ownership

When you take payments on Streambus, you own the financial relationship. Unlike other services, Streambus stores the charges in a full Stripe account that you control, via Stripe Connect. We'll either help you create one, or you can connect to an existing one.

If you want to leave Streambus, you don't need to try and convince your subscribers to "resubscribe" somewhere else. Folks don't subscribe to Streambus, they subscribe to you.

If you want, you can use that same Stripe account to expand your business with the wide ecosystem of Stripe-compatible tools. Use their API, sell merch, or even launch your own platform.