A better buisness model for video folks

Create your own streaming service. Publish videos to podcasting apps. Make money from subscriptions. Free to publish, we only make money when you do.

Make a channel for free

Start a streaming service

When you publish with Streambus, you create a website, on your own domain name. Reach your audience over RSS on the podcast apps they already have on their phone.

It’s like your own indie Netflix. It’s your brand and you own the audience.

Make a channel for free

Make money from subscriptions

You own the relationship: Streambus stores subscriptions in a Stripe account that you control.

Start making money See Pricing

Publish video podcasts

Streambus videos can play right in the podcasting app you have on your phone.

  • Publish videos straight to Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, or even your own app.
  • Distribute private, paid RSS feeds that you control.
  • Create a frictionless experience for your audience.
Publish to podcast apps

Your platform, not ours.

Streambus is building the video anti-platform you don't need to trust.

Leave whenever.

Wana bounce? Your audience comes with you. Export your email list, point your domain to something else, and you're set.

Own the subscriptions.

Charges happen in a full Stripe account that you control. Getting bigger? Take advantage of the entire Stripe API to build out more of your business.
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